How the Right Shopfitting Strategy Can Help Retail Stores Compete

As shopfitters, we are often asked what the latest shopfitting trends for larger cities such as Melbourne are. The reason for this is largely due to the fact that shop owners want to find new ways to compete in the retail marketplace and one key way for them to do that is through updating and improving the look of their shop.

Similar to clothing, out-of-date shop looks are a complete waste of time and money. However, as long as the look of your store is relevant to your personal branding efforts, then your shop’s design (no matter how outdated it may seem) doesn’t really matter. With this, there are are a few different shop trends that you can follow, no matter your store’s look, to help you successfully compete with competitors.

Let’s take a brief look at different shopfitting trends currently being followed by most successful brands, both big and small.

Frequent and Cheap Updates to Interior

Interestingly, consumers seem to get tired of or bored of seeing the same shop interiors. This is one of the main reasons many store owners are updating their stores approximately every two years in Melbourne, and in some cases more often.

Roughly 10 years or so ago, shop owners actually spent a lot more on shopfitting updates and many do not currently plan on making major updates for another four to five years. However, with frequent, low cost updates, shop owners are seeing the benefits without having to worry about doling out massive amounts of cash to give their shop a complete makeover.

A Larger Focus on Shop Environment, Not on Displays

While product displays and the organization of your shop is really important in helping to create a great shopping experience, in today’s retail world, it’s all about creating the right environment to match your brand. Shoppers want to be immersed into a type of wonderland featuring your products.

Ever visit an Apple store before? From the outside design right up to the genius bar at the very back of the shop, consumers literally become part of the “Apple experience”. It really becomes more about the experience than anything else. Visitors immediately feel like they need to have the latest Apple products because they’ve done such a good job at creating the right environment from store to product.

Put More Focus on Environmentally Friendly Designs and Materials

More and more people support environmentally friendly products and materials, so why not incorporate them into your shop design? Many shops in Melbourne have been following this trend for quite some time now. Start off slow by adding organic materials and recycled items, minimizing the use of plastics, making your shop more energy efficient, and installing natural air ventilation systems, wherever possible.

If your potential customer knows that you are making efforts to keep up with more environmentally trends, they are more likely to give you their business.

Discover the endless possibility of creating the right shop design to suit the needs of your business by visiting this page to learn more about how our Sunshine Coast shopfitters may be able to help you realize more about today’s shop trends.