New Trends in the World of Shopfitting to Alter the Retail Experience

It’s hardly a big secret that an engaging shopfitting solution is integral to keeping customers in-store for longer and subsequently seeing more frequent purchases. Recent research, however, has highlighted a need for a greater level of nuance that extends beyond simple aesthetics; as technology marches on and the consumers of tomorrow begin to make their economic presence felt in the retail world, bridging the gap between the physical storefront and the online equivalent is an absolutely vital technique to master to ensure that this new generation of shoppers continues to spend their money in your store.


The explosion of online shopping over the past few years has created certain expectations amongst this subset of consumers, and new approaches to shopfitting that can meet these expectations – preconceived notions of how convenient, appealing and exciting an in-store environment should be – will help make sure that these would-be customers end up spending their money at your establishment rather than heading back home and making the purchase through an online alternative.

What, then, are the best ways for businesses requiring shopfitting in Sunshine Coast to narrow the (not inconsiderable) gap between the traditional brick-and-mortar establishments and the rapidly-encroaching world of cyberspace? Perhaps the simplest solution comes in the form of an effective marriage of the two, implementing subtle technological benefits that, when combined with the levels of personal face-to-face service only possible in a physical retail environment, offer the shopper an experience that will keep them coming back.

One might consider introducing a cloud based POS system to streamline the payment process (and therefore level the playing field somewhat), or finding a way to utilise beacons (a type of GPS transmitter that is able to work with dedicated apps to offer customers information on stock levels and sale prices; analysts estimate an influence on up to 26% of sales in US stores that utilise them in 2016) as a strategy to really engage with the more tech-savvy folks who filter in and out of your store. Indeed, if you’re looking for building maintenance in Sunshine Coast to shore up your setup against online alternatives, the right implementation of technology seems to be the way to go.

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