How Layout Affects Shopper Experience

When it comes to designing a new business or redesigning an old one, picking the right layout and the right shopfitters Sunshine Coast is vital in improving the customer’s overall experience in that store. It is important to build a space that people are drawn to and feel comfortable in. Many business owners underestimate the effect a layout can have on someone shopping and it will often play a role in whether or not that customer decides to come back.

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Check out some reasons as to how a layout can either negatively or positively affect a potential customer’s outlook while they are out shopping.

Keeping The Entrance Open

Having a wide open space to walk into is important in allowing a customer the time to take in their new surroundings. A person needs the opportunity to scan the store without feeling pressured by a ton of displays or sale items. Most of the time, when people are out shopping they are trying to relax and enjoy their time. A cramped space will quickly make anyone feel tense, making the entire shopping experience in that store a bad one.

Make Sure You Stand Out

While there are some basic layout rules that everyone would be smart to follow, it is also important to have your space designed to your tastes. Creating something unique to you and your products will make your business more memorable and will give people something to talk about after they leave. Allowing your own personal vision to come to life will also demonstrate your passion behind what you are selling and, if you believe strongly enough in a product, then others will too.

Maintain A Sensible Flow

Take a good look at what you are selling and choose a layout based upon your products. A grocery store is going to have a different set-up than a clothing store because the products they sell are completely different from each other. Do what makes the most sense for you and imagine how you would want to view items for sale if you were the customer.

Keep It Convenient

Customers do not want to be troubled by having to reach up for high products or squat on the ground for things that are way too low. Try to keep things within a normal range to allow easier access for anyone shopping. Not only will this help customer’s stay more relaxed, but they will feel more comfortable taking their time to view as much as possible. They may spend hours in your store without even realizing it!

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