What Fields Contribute to Commercial Refurbishment?

Designing and stocking a store is a unique skill, and it’s one that takes experience and expertise to master. However, many people fail to realize just how much goes into shopfitting and why it’s worth bringing aboard experts when it’s time to open or revamp a shop. Here are some of fields that influence commercial refurbishment and why they’re so important.


The field of psychology is broad, as it’s based on the study of human behavior. Countless psychological studies have shown that small factors can influence whether a visitor is likely to make a purchase when visiting a store, and commercial refurbishment experts use this information when working with clients. Professionals can help you redesign your entire store’s layout, but sometimes a few small tweaks can have a major impact. Furthermore, commercial refurbishment experts can explain the reasoning behind their suggestions, allowing you to make the most of your redesigned store.


Marketing is often viewed as a subset of psychology, and for good reason. When you work with a shopfitter, you hire someone who knows what the latest in marketing research reveals and how store owners can use it to their advantage. Maximizing your store’s potential requires ensuring all elements of your store work toward your goals, and marketing is a cornerstone to these efforts. Marketing also involves following the latest trends and determining if they’re worthwhile. If you’re interested in new marketing ideas, Commercial refurbishment experts can provide valuable insight.


Laws and regulations ensure that stores are appropriately accessible to people with disabilities. These laws can help you maximize your client base, but they can also be difficult to interpret. Commercial refurbishment experts study these rules and cases where they’re relevant, and they can relay this information to you when you’re opening or reopening your shop. Accessibility mistakes can cause you to lose potential customers, and they can lead to fines. Furthermore, errors can cause you to have to pay for potentially expensive redesigns. This expertise is invaluable, and the cost of hiring a commercial refurbishment experts is typically far lower than the cost of failing to provide adequate accessibility.

Energy Expertise

Green businesses are more likely to attract customers, and energy-efficient businesses can enjoy the benefits of lower power bills. Commercial refurbishment experts understand how important efficiency is when running a store, and they can provide valuable guidance. They can help you set up a store that minimizes waste while still providing a comfortable environment for customers and clients. Although it might still be worth hiring an independent energy expert, working with a commercial refurbishment expert can ensure you get off to a strong start.


Although customers will only visit your store during certain hours, running a shop requires a substantial commitment. Maintenance is essential for keeping your store safe and welcoming, and restocking supplies is essential for maintaining your day-to-day operations. Commercial refurbishment experts understand the long-term process of running a store and can help you design yours to be easier to maintain. Factors as simple as making cleaning supplies easy to access can help prevent messes and clutter from building up.

Artistic Sensibilities

Strong branding is essential for making your store memorable to current and potential customers, and the commercial refurbishment expert you bring aboard can help work to create a cohesive brand for your store. Although you may want to hire an artist to create your logo and other elements, the guidance you receive from commercial refurbishment experts will be invaluable for ensuring you make the most of your artistic elements. Furthermore, stores need to be painted on occasion, and a fresh coat can help you enliven your store. Commercial refurbishment experts can point you in the right direction and find the right experts to help you along your way.

Construction Knowledge

In some cases, shops require significant reworks to best make use of their space. A commercial refurbishment expert can help you work through options for redesigning the physical layout of your store and work to uncover ways to do more with your limited space. Not all stores require extensive work; in many cases, a few small changes are all that’s needed. However, knowing what options are available is useful when making decisions for the present and the future.

Running a store is about more that just providing products and a place for customers to gather. Fortunately, expert help is available, and hiring a commercial refurbishment expert can ensure you’re on the right path. If you have any questions about commercial refurbishment, maintenance, or shopfitting, make sure to contact us to find out more.