Shopfitting on the Sunshine Coast: Business Spaces Needing a Fit Out

The interior of an office says a lot about the business. A good business interior always reflects the company’s vision and goals, and inspires the people who come and see the place. Studies show that great office interior designs boost employee performance and reduce absenteeism. Research also found that a building’s interior decoration contributes significantly to creating a good or bad first impression on potential clients. These, and many other reasons, are why you need shopfitting on the Sunshine Coast.

Below is a list of places and spaces that you should consider for shop fitting and fit outs.

  • Reception Area/Front Desk – This is absolutely one of the most important parts of an office space. The reception area is the first step to a business transaction because it is the first place your clients would see upon entering the office or building. The reception area must reflect your type of business or company goal. If you’re running a spa or a salon, your reception area must be cool and relaxing. If you have an advertising agency, your front desk must be bold, creative, and vibrant. The company logo must also be eye-catching and the attendant must be polite and warm.
  • Meeting Room – The meeting room need not be dark, serious and “corporate” at all times. A little dab of colour, some appropriate but comfy seats, a good creative table, and proper lighting could easily put your clients in a relaxed mood, making it easier for them to warm up to you and for you to win them over.
  • Showroom – If your business requires a showroom, you should also consider having it designed/refurbished by skilled shopfitters on the Sunshine Coast, like Oakridge Building Group. A showroom is a bit tricky because you need to create a space that enhances your displays. This includes effective lighting, the right colour scheme for your walls and flooring, and even a proper lounge area.
  • Hallways/Staircases – This may not seem like much, but a creative and bold hallway and staircases can also create a good impression on your clients. It might be a smart idea to have little pieces of your company’s history put on display in these areas, like pictures or awards, to informally introduce yourself to your potential clients.

Every successful company needs to have a beautiful “home”. The proper designs and furnishings not only make the office look great, but may also help you get the deals that you need. Be smart and give your office the professional fit out it deserves and, in time, you’ll be justly rewarded with more clients and new business opportunities.


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