Setting up a Convenience Store with a Sunshine Coast Shopfitting Team

Entrepreneurs seeking to throw their hats into the retail arena may have ideas about running a convenience store in their neighbourhood. If a commercial location was secured, all that may remain is to furnish it up and have it ready in time for the grand opening. Getting things done, however, require labours of love and dedication right off the bat, especially when designing the store layout and fitting it as planned.

The drive to establish a new business fixture will not be lost on Sunshine Coast residents. The metropolitan area’s diverse economy and tourist draw already lends itself well to various opportunities to cater to many customers; some convenience stores may even be in need of new ownership and aesthetic direction. If you’re setting up a convenience store that can benefit from a change in layout and security, take your ideas up with a shopfitting company such as WhiteOak Developments Pty Ltd.

The Plan

A sit-down with your preferred shopfitters can help lay down the floor plan that will work best for the convenience store. If the store is a tenant space in a larger structure, you must also secure the blueprints for the ceiling, as they will show the locations of all lighting and sprinklers, as well as other important electrical connections such as the stockroom. The entire store plan should also be approved by the local council.

Going with the Flow

Further analysis of the floor plan, including a proper delineation at the project site, can help in assessing the potential traffic flow. For example, in a small store setting, placing the shelves at right angles to each other can help maximise space; the walls may be used for additional shelves or large-scale fridges of the kind you see in supermarkets. Some shopfitters recommend that the aisles must be at least four feet apart to ensure maximum customer movement and product visibility. The counter must also have abundant room for paying customers to line up without hindering others.


No convenience store owner can confidently say they’ve never been visited by shoplifters and even when you’re in a peaceful community, you need to take precautions. Consider installing a security camera system and blind spot mirrors to ensure maximum coverage of areas not in the counter’s direct line of sight.

A well-planned convenience store will be a boon to the local community. When the floor plan ensures easy flow of the customers, everything will turn out well. Let shopfitting companies like WhiteOak lend you a hand.


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