Looking For Retail Design Inspiration? These Concepts Stores Have Got What You Need

As a business owner, staying up to date with retail design trends isn’t always easy. The trends and fashion are always changing, and brands with big design budgets are constantly changing what people look for in their shopping experience. However, if you’re looking for cool and quirky design ideas to incorporate into your retail space, there’s no better place to look than in concept stores.

What are Concept Stores?

A concept store is defined as a retail space that uses new and innovative concepts to enhance their shopper’s experience. High-end brands are well known for designing top of the range concept stores to promote their high ticket items. Whilst concept stores can be expensive to pull off, they offer a great marketing opportunity for brands to show off their products in the chicest way possible. As small business owners, creating a concept store would be basically impossible, however, smaller retail brands can look to these stores for design inspiration and tips.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful concept stores to check out if you’re in search to for style inspiration.

1. No Youth Control

No Youth Control is a brand which focuses on the idea that age itself is a concept and everyone can stay young. Their concept store in Paris perfectly encapsulates this idea with its color schemes and decor. Not only are clothes and products strung up on nostalgic pieces like playground slides, but it also has a quirkily childish color scheme which adds to the youthful aesthetic. If you’re looking to create a fun and playful style in your store, No Youth Control would be the store to check out.

2. 33 New Road

33 New Road is a concept store in Britains trendiest city – London. The store is housed in a converted Georgian townhouse, in keeping with its British location. When you enter the store, you’re greeted by a selection of carefully selected decorative pieces that feel as though you’re in a modern art gallery with a difference. The whole concept was created by the clothing store Hostem, but it is really much more than a clothes shop. All of the art and decoratives are also on sale, and you can even book a stay in the super cool house conversion overnight or for long stays  

3. Barber and Parlour

Barber and Parlour is a converted warehouse concept store presented by the luxury British brand, Soho House Company. The concept store really is a one-stop shop for any activities that might take your fancy. Inside the stylish warehouse, you can purchase Soho House company products.

But that’s not all, the building also houses a nail parlour, barbers shop, and cafe where you can buy in-house cold-pressed juices. You can also kick back and relax in their basement movie theatre, ‘Electric Cinema’. Aside from all it’s luxury amenities, Barber and Parlour sports a sleek and modern design that is good inspiration for anyone looking to inject some minimalist class into their store.  

4. Stylenanda Pink Hotel

Stylenanda is a Korean brand the offers a range of cosmetics, fashion items and accessories. If you’re looking for anything girly Stylenanda is the place to go. In keeping which their girly theme, Stylenanda opened the Stylenanda pink hotel in Seoul.

Sticking out from the high-street, the giant pink building has the look and feel of a luxury spa hotel, but it’s pink! The store includes a cafe for relaxing and getting an Instagram worthy picture and six floors of shopping and recreation spaces. Stylenanda does a great job of utilizing a strong color like pink making it a good store to check out if you’re looking to use bright colors in your designs.

5. Graanmarkt 13

If you’re looking to incorporate a hip modern feel into an unconventional space then Graanmarkt 13 could be great inspiration. The store converts a traditional Antwerp townhouse into a homely but modern 6-floor concept space.

Aside from the first-floor retail space, the building also hosts a gallery, event space and super cool restaurant with an award-winning chef. Whilst it might not be possible to open a restaurant in your space, Graanmarkt 13 still has some enviable design elements that are worth checking out.


So there you have it, 5 awesome stores that are sure to have you overflowing with design inspiration. It’s worth noting that there are hundreds, if not thousands of cool concept stores across the world which are worth checking out if your keen to learn more.