6 Office Design Trends to Expect in 2019

Every year, office design trends change in order to incorporate the wants and needs of employers and employees alike. Gone are the days where you could put some desks and telephones in a room and call it an office. In 2019, office design is big business, as more business owners are realising the effects that offices can have on their staff’s productivity. As a result of this, offices need to be more exciting and more inspired than ever.

According to statistics, as much as 85% of employees in a recent survey reported that they were dissatisfied with their workplace, which for most employers would seem shockingly high. The impact that office design can have on employee happiness and productivity is substantial. If you’re planning on redesigning your offices in 2019, these 6 design tips may help you to make the right decisions about your office designs.

Trend # 1: Focus On Staff Enjoyment

This year, office designers are expected to spend more time finding out what staff want from their offices. Employers are becoming increasingly concerned with staff happiness as more and more people every year attribute mental health issues and depression to the environment in which they work. As a result of this, office designs in 2019 are expected to lean towards better recreational facilities for staff. This can mean anything from gym and yoga facilities to readily available kitchens, fridges and tea and coffee making facilities or even Foosball tables! The aim of introducing these elements is to give the offices a more laid back and recreational feel which staff can look forward to spending time in and, as a result, be more productive and happy in the workplace.

Trend #2: Preserving Old Spaces


As was the case in 2018, more businesses are opting to repurpose old buildings instead of choosing brand new developments as a location for their offices. This trend is expected to continue in 2019, with designers choosing to create a fusion between old buildings and new modern designs. Old buildings such as barns and mews lend themselves perfectly to this trend. Designers often choose to restore key elements of the old buildings such as brickwork, staircases or pillars whilst surrounding them with modern, sleek items like desks, tech and sofas. The blend of the two creates an inviting, characterful and homely space, whilst still maintaining all the modernity required for a productive office in 2019.

Trend #3: Diversifying Workspaces

This year, employers are expected to do what they can to ensure that individual employees can choose where they would like to work. Due to the diverse needs of employees, its becoming imperative for offices to provide a variety of different workspaces for staff to use in order for the workers to be as productive as possible. This means that designers are waving goodbye to linear communal desks and square offices. Instead, designs will be expected to incorporate small spaces such as libraries, quiet individual pods and lounges, to allow staff to choose their desired work location.

Trend #4: Bright Colours

Office design in 2019 is set to move towards including more bright colours in designs. It’s likely that designs will marry dulled and natural colours with flashes of bright colour which can be used to brighten the space and create focal points in each room. For businesses with iconic branding colours, it’s likely that the branding colours or colours complementing them will be used throughout the design. Business with no particular branding colours will be likely to steer towards turquoises, yellows and oranges to create their flashes of colour.

Trend #5: Green Spaces

It’s expected that 2019 office designs will attempt to bring the outdoors inside in order to create more natural, green and productive spaces. Many studies have shown that plants and fresh air can have a positive effect on staff productivity, which is why its expected that business will choose this for their office designs. It’s also great for creating a good first impression on clients, as more and more people are concerned with the environment in 2019 than ever before, and a nod to the environment within office designs can help to impress visitors.

Trend #6: Natural Light

Studies have shown that 1 in 3 office workers would prefer it if there were more natural light in their workspaces. With this in mind, it’s likely that office designs will adapt to incorporate more natural light sources. This can be anything to replacing walls with windows and glass doors, to implementing skylights.