5 Shopfitting Tips for Increasing Coffee Shop Footfall

In the coffee shop game, it’s all about getting as many people in your shop as possible. Without the right amount of footfall, you’re never going to increase your sales, as you need to get people in the shop, soaking in the ambiance and looking at what you have to offer. However, when it comes to coffee shops having a signature blend or interesting menu options isn’t all that matters. Often what matters the most is the look and feel of your coffee shop. In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 tips that can help you to create the perfect space to increase your footfall.

1. Make Sure Your Branding is on Point

The first chance that customers get to judge your coffee shop is from the outside. For this reason, it’s important to have your branding and signage on point, right from the entrance. Coffee shops are very much a new-age concept, and if your signs look old, or out of style, your target clientele may just walk on by. Trendy signs that effectively capture your coffee shop’s branding elements will help to encourage people to look twice at your store.

2. Make the Space as Cozy as Possible 

For many people, going to a coffee shop is a chance to escape the rat race and sit somewhere comforting and cost with a warm beverage. If your coffee shop doesn’t give off that feeling with your design choices, then people will be less likely to choose your shop over another one. When designing your space, try to use warm but modern color schemes. It’s also a really great idea to choose comfortable furniture. However, there are a lot of people that choose cozy coffee shops as work locations so it’s a good idea to include some suitable but comfortable tables to accommodate them too.

3. Place the Seating Area Near the Door

In terms of layout, it’s a good idea to place the counter and barista bar near the back of the store. This way, passing customers will be able to see a lot of comfortable customers enjoying a nice drink, as opposed to a busy barista bar with a long queue. It’s also best to do this because it discourages people from walking straight back out with their coffee. If they see the comfortable seating areas as they walk through, they may be more inclined to get their coffee to stay, and maybe eat lunch or have more drinks.

4. Choose Warm Lighting 

If your keen to create a space that people want to hang out in, it’s always a good idea to choose nice, warm lighting tones. Some coffee shops choose brighter lighting tones, but this tends to create a more ‘grab it and go’ atmosphere. Whilst this is a legitimate business model for a busy high-street coffee shop, most smaller shops rely on people staying for a while and ordering one or more items from the menu. Choosing a warmer lighting tone will help your customers to feel welcomed and relaxed and can help to encourage your customers to hang around, or select your coffee shop for hanging out with friends. 

5. Advertise Your Eco-Friendly Practises 

Being Eco-Friendly is all the rage in the coffee shop industry, and coffee consumers are keen to know that the places they’re drinking are following good eco-friendly practices. If you want to encourage more footfall, make sure that your efforts to be eco-friendly are easily noticeable. You can do this in many ways. Signs outside about where your coffee comes from and any charity efforts are always useful. When it comes to shopfitting, you can also advertise your eco-friendliness. Certain design schemes such as ones that use reclaimed wood and furniture give off a vibe of eco-awareness that coffee shop dwellers tend to enjoy. 

Bonus Tip: Have Super Fast Wifi Installed

Although it doesn’t strictly come under the heading off ‘shopfitting’ ensuring your cafe is well connected can really help to boost footfall and sales. Lots of coffee drinkers like to keep themselves entertained by surfing online, and if your cafe boasts great wifi connection, they’re likely to choose your coffee shop over one of your competitors. If you’re having your cafe refitted, talk to your shopfitter about this, and they may be able to advise you about the best ways to ensure that you have a strong connection throughout your space. 


So there you have it, 5 tips to help you make the most of your cafe and increase footfall.