10 Commonly Asked Question About Shopfitting Answered

While considering what type of design a business needs, many business owners have quite a few questions. We often hear a lot of the same questions and so we decided to write this post to help clear up some of those common questions and concerns to help you make a more educated decision.

In this post, we’re going to address our top 10 most commonly asked questions. Continue reading to get answers to your shopfitting questions.

How Do I Plan for Shopfitting?

Before you decide to do a major outfit on your shop or place of business, it is important to consider how much of a refurbish your space really needs. If it is really outdated and has little appeal, then a complete overhaul may be necessary. If you run a retail shop and want to have nice ground level appearance to help draw in more customers, then maybe all you need is a custom outfit on the front of your store.

Many stores already function well and look great, but maybe they simply want a more updated look and feel. Some changes may require a shopfitter, or a business could opt for a savvier option and do some simple updates and aesthetic changes. Preparing for shopfitting is more about determining what is necessary and what is a priority and narrowing it down so that when you approach your shopfitting firm, you know exactly what you need. Knowing these details will help speed up the process for everyone involved.

How Do I Know What To Change?

While preparation is key in this process, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your charges are possible and experts can help you figure out what would work best in your space. You will not know exactly what to change until we all sit down and discuss what must be done in your space. You may find that you need to make more changes to your space than you initially thought or maybe you do not require a lot.

Experienced professionals will be able to do a complete assessment and see if you what you want or need is necessary or possible. The more ideas you have, the easier it will be to put together a design plan and get your project moving forward.

What Should My Color Scheme Be?

We want to be sure that the changes we make work with the color scheme a business already has. Businesses are welcome to change their entire space, but it is not necessary in order to make a new design work. You might have a really strong brand that is powered by the colors you already use and we will simply work with that when we can.

We can show you what choices you have, and you can decide if you need to change all of the colors or only some of them. You probably were not aware of what you could do because you were so focused on changing everything, but we can actually make this much easier on you by planning alongside you to make a space that you can be proud of.

What Is Refurbishment?

Refurbishment is a much more expansive version of we do for a lot of our clients. If you have a business space that has become really outdated, a refurbishment of that space means that we are going to change everything. Refurbishing takes longer, but it is worth your while when it is finished. We do everything from changing the color on the walls, changing all the fixtures, change the traffic flow of your store, or even change the atmosphere altogether.

How Does Refurbishment Differ From Shopfitting?

Shopfitting is a little different from refurbishing in that we are not changing everything. It generally involves changing some of the fixtures in the space that you are using to help your customers find what they are looking for in your shop. They take a look at merchandising and what special fixtures will be helpful to you. More than that, we want to arrange them in a way that will help increase sales and the amount your customer spend.
What About Commercial Spaces?

Commercial spaces are different from retail stores because they are so large and serve a different purpose. We are happy to help with the refurbishment of a large commercial space and help modernise it. You can make your space into anything you want, and we will work with you to you reach your goal.

Show us the space that you want to change and we do what we can to work with those changes. We do our best to get inside of your vision so that you get the design that you want. We do what we can to work around all the problems that commercial spaces have and will transform it to make it look much more inviting.

How Long Does Shopfitting Take?

Usually, we come up with a timeline and do our best to adhere to it. However, anything could happen along the way so we cannot guarantee a specific timeline for your work, but we will keep you updated throughout the process. Shopfitting takes less time than a refurbishment, but we do not want to rush things. This way, you get the best results possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

We will give you an estimate for the work that we plan to do, which you will have to approve before we can begin the process. We will not start working on your project until you have signed off on it. It is essential that you know the cost, the plan, the changes, and to agree to the timeline we provide before beginning.

What Sort Of Businesses Do You Serve?

Whether you run a small clothing shop, a café, restaurant, pub, or business office, there really is no limit to the type of customers and businesses we serve. No matter the business, we can help you make it reach your design goals. We use our creativity and expertise to solve problems that our customers have and will help you feel much better about your business space. No challenge is too great or too small for us.

How Do I Get More Information?

You can visit our homepage for your shopfitting Sunshine Coast needs and you will find our contact information under ‘Contact’. Our team of professionals is ready to help you reach your business design goals and will do our best to answer any questions you may have before scheduling a meeting or on-site consultation.