Building Maintenance Can Save You Money, According To Forbes

Business owners are in the business of saving money, by whatever means necessary. This means cutting overhead on monthly expenditures. While a building maintenance program might seem like an additional expense, it is actual a preventive measure that can save you from having to make big payouts down the line.



Highlights From The Forbes Report

While Forbes’ article “How Building Maintenance Saves You Money”, published in August 2014, may be written towards the residential market, the principles still apply for commercial building maintenance in the Sunshine Coast.

The Forbes article is intended to help homeowners decide between renting and buying a property. While it is the accepted wisdom that buying a property is the smarter financial decision, this fails to take into account additional expenses, such as building maintenance.

Forbes reports that financial advisors recommend budgeting 1.5% of your rental budget towards building maintenance. This means that if your rent is $5000 AUD, you should be budgeting $75 AUD a month for upkeep and repairs, or $900 AUD a year. While this may not seem like much, things have a tendency to go wrong all at once. This can leave you with a big repair bill, that you might have to pay out of your pocket.

If you’re renting or leasing your storefront, this might be less of an issue (although it could be a major issue for your landlord). If you’re a landlord, you might want to look into a full-service building maintenance service, and remove the potential for catastrophe down the line.

Other Findings From Forbes Include:

  • People spend $200 annually repairing appliances.
  • Homeowners report spending $362 a year on plumbers.
  • $260 a year gets spent on unclogging drains.
  • Can spend as much as $947 a year replacing flooring!

If this is just for a single family home, imagine what the price tag could be on a major commercial centre!

What A Building Maintenance Plan Can Do For You

A commercial building maintenance plan from Oakridge Building Group includes:

  • Minor Repairs & Maintenance
  • Major Construction & Alteration Projects
  • Defits, demolition & strip outs
  • Plumbing
  • Floor covering
  • Ground Works & Concreting
  • Tiling
  • Steel Fabrication & Metalwork
  • Commercial & Residential Painting
  • Brickwork & Blockwork
  • Carpentry & Joinery
  • Plastering
  • Signage
  • Air conditioning installations
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical installations and data
  • Handicapped facilities

Oakridge Building Group also offer a wide array of shopfitting solutions for the Sunshine Coast.
Whether you’re a renter or owner, or contact Oakridge Building Group today to find out about our building maintenance programs!