5 Tips From Shopfitting Experts For Encouraging Return Custom

Getting people into your store isn’t always difficult, especially if you are in an area with good footfall. However, to increase sales, it’s important to take steps that will encourage people to stay in the store, make purchases and keep coming back. Returning custom is important for any shop, but it can sometimes be hard to master. In this article, we’ll look into five tips from shopfitting experts that may help to encourage more return custom.

1. Change Displays Regularly

When it comes to encouraging return custom appearance is everything. Your display window is the first opportunity that a customer gets to decide whether or not your store is worth entering. Even if you have the best displays in the world, they’re only likely to catch customers attention once. If a previous customer passes your store again and the displays are the same as they were a few weeks ago, they’re likely to keep on walking, as they’ll automatically assume that they’ve seen everything your store has to offer.

Changing your displays regularly can help to prevent previous customers from passing by without entering, as the new display will signal to them that there may be new products to be found inside. Even if you don’t change up your stock all that often, it’s unlikely that the customers looked at everything last time the came in.

2. Decorate for the Holidays

Staying up to date with the latest holidays is another way to keep customers coming back for more. Even if you won’t be stocking anything particularly related to the holiday in question, it’s still a good idea to decorate accordingly. If your previous customers see new decorations in the store, it will give them a sense that something has changed and that your store is worth visiting, even though they have been in there before.

3. Relaunch

If you’re considering having a refit or refurbishment on your retail space, then don’t let it go unnoticed. A relaunch is a perfect way to entice your previous customers to give your store a second glance. In the run-up to the relaunch, whilst the store is closed hand out leaflets in the local area, advising customers that your store is getting a makeover. If your previous customers liked the items they bought from you, but haven’t returned since they’re likely to be keen to check out your store’s new look.

4. Change the Layout

Another shopfitting tip that can help you to encourage more return custom is to change the layout of the store. Move products that were near the back of the store to the front. This way the customers that have just dropped in and out of the store in the past may be enticed by products that they never got a chance to see last time.

A new layout can also help to bring in customers that weren’t too impressed with your store last time. Shoppers can be extremely sensitive when it comes to space, displays, and layouts and some people simply won’t enjoy shopping in certain spaces. However, a change in the layout may encourage customers that were unhappy with the old layout to give your store a second chance.

5. Reduce Your Stock

Another thing that could help to encourage more footfall from return customers is to reduce the amount of stock on the shop floor. Cramped spaces deter shoppers, so it’s good to avoid having to much stock on show at one time. This is also useful if your store is located in a busy shopping center, as return customers may turn to your light and airy shop to take refuge from the crowds and cramped stores in the area.

When reducing your stock amount, be selective about what sort of products you have on display, and be sure not to cram too many items around the entrance as this could put off customers.

Bonus Tip: If you’re keen to increase return footfall, you could also try running promotions or loyalty schemes too. Whilst this isn’t a tip that’s strictly related to shopfitting, it can be a great way of encouraging customers to keep coming back. You don’t have to offer costly rewards, even something as small as a free gift or limited edition bag is enough to entice some customers to spend more and keep coming back.

So there you have it, 5 tips (and a bonus tip) that can help you make the most of your space and your return custom.