Strange and Interesting Retail Store Trends of 2016

With personal branding becoming such an essential part of building a business, retail trends have been rapidly evolving and changing, offering consumers more “niche” type retail services. In the process, many retail brands are literally creating a name for themselves and have found some really unique ways to “stand out from the crowd”.

Let’s take a look at some of some strange and interesting retail store trends of 2016.

1. Mobile “Try on Truck” Retail Store.

shopfiitters-sunshine-coastTrue & Co. definitely has this “try on truck” mobile retail store going for them. They have plans to travel across the U.S., providing custom bra fittings for their customers. It’s kind of like Bento Box meet’s transformable architecture on wheels. This design was actually inspired by the “tiny house movement”. The benefits of owning this type of shop is that it dramatically reduces overhead costs while providing customers with physical retail location of sorts.




2. Supermarket on a Bus? 


An idea inspired by the Japanese, mobile supermarkets are basically fresh produce shopping brought right to your front door on a bus. In Japan, they typically use these “supermarkets on wheels” to bring produce and healthy foods primarily to elderly residents and areas where fresh food supermarkets are inaccessible. The trend is starting to take off in parts of the United States and are used to bring fresh produce to lower income neighborhoods.




3. The New Stand. 


With today’s consumer constantly being on the go while always staying connected, they have a demand and need for innovative convenience. While consumers travel on the train, they can log on to The Newstand App, shop for their daily essentials (while being introduced to new products), place an order, and pick it up at the shop at your chosen stop. This shop is not only innovative, but it also fills a very large need. 





4. Turning Art into Retail.

shopfitters-sunshine-coastIt seems that mobility and portability is will not only be the way of the future, but it already the way of today. This design was created by Designer Lee Broom is a travelling Italian Palazzo delivery van. This concept makes it easy to travel to different locations while keeping overhead relatively low, and it’s almost like art on wheels. A concept such as this has huge potential and could really work well in a variety of retail niches and will attract more interest in your brand.







5. You Can Literally Have Your Coffee on the Go.


This retail concept is probably the most unique and really brings a whole a new meaning to getting your coffee on the go, or on the road. The name of this charming little coffee bug is, “On the Road Coffee,” and it seems to be popular trend in Denver, Colorado in the U.S. Again, the owners can literally keep overhead costs low while providing a unique service to areas and locations not always reached by the coffee shop or cafe down the street. 




We hope you enjoyed learning about these interesting, strange, yet innovative retail trends. If you’re looking for a fresh, new concept for your retail business or brand, visit this page to learn more about our Sunshine Coast shopfitting services.