5 Shopfitting Tips for Increasing Coffee Shop Footfall

In the coffee shop game, it’s all about getting as many people in your shop as possible. Without the right amount of footfall, you’re never going to increase your sales, as you need to get people in the shop, soaking in the ambiance and looking at what you have to offer. However, when it comes […]

5 Tips From Shopfitting Experts For Encouraging Return Custom

Getting people into your store isn’t always difficult, especially if you are in an area with good footfall. However, to increase sales, it’s important to take steps that will encourage people to stay in the store, make purchases and keep coming back. Returning custom is important for any shop, but it can sometimes be hard […]

5 Interior Design Tips For Cafe Refurbishments

Creating the right interior is crucial for the success of all commercial establishments, but this is particularly true in the cafe industry. Think about it: a huge chunk of customers that frequent cafes do so specifically for the ambiance – and ambiance is all about interior design. Sure, the quality of your cups of coffee […]

Looking For Retail Design Inspiration? These Concepts Stores Have Got What You Need

As a business owner, staying up to date with retail design trends isn’t always easy. The trends and fashion are always changing, and brands with big design budgets are constantly changing what people look for in their shopping experience. However, if you’re looking for cool and quirky design ideas to incorporate into your retail space, […]

Retail Design Trends in 2019 – What to Expect

Every year, retailers and shopfitters are required to adapt to meet new trends and continue impressing their customers. In 2019, more and more shoppers are making the switch to online shopping, which further increases the importance of striking retail design which will keep the customers coming back. In this article, we’ll take a look into […]

How Proper Lighting Can be Used to Boost Sales

If you’re the owner or manager of a retail store, office, or any other customer-facing business premise, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about how the look and feel of your store can impact sales. And you were right to. Studies show that the design of a store can dramatically influence customer behavior. […]

6 Office Design Trends to Expect in 2019

Every year, office design trends change in order to incorporate the wants and needs of employers and employees alike. Gone are the days where you could put some desks and telephones in a room and call it an office. In 2019, office design is big business, as more business owners are realising the effects that […]

Why In-Store Tech is Becoming Increasingly Important in Retail Shop Fitting

One of the latest trends in retail fit-outs is the widespread use of innovative, experimental technology. Think cashier-less tech like Amazon Go, augmented reality products that let you try on clothes without actually trying them on, and robot shop assistants that help customers to find inspiration. All this might seem like a passing fad, but […]

5 Retail Design Tips From Shopfitting Experts

As a shop owner, you may feel that the way your store looks is less important than the products you stock, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The art of selling is an intricate game with a lot of components and product placement and shop design go hand in hand to create sales. […]

5 Ways Office Refurbishment Can Boost Productivity

Your office is, first and foremost, a place of work. That means that, when it comes to refurbishment, your priorities should be a little different than they would be in other commercial settings, like restaurants and shops. In restaurants, the top of the priority list would probably be to create a design that creates the […]

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